Corsair's Wares

"Hi Keith! I would like to thank you for your kind support, unfortunately my connection was dead these days, I'm sorry for answering so late! Anyway, me and my friends will surely buy from you again! Never seen a seller so efficient! Thank you again, I'll tell about your website to more friends of mine!"

Marco Manoni, from Italy (February 2015) (by email)

"Hi Keith thank you dude. All I can say is I'm smiling, THANK YOU KEITH. And thank you for your pristine customer service, and extensive tried and tested knowledge on practically all HEMA equipment, you are very spot on so cheers dude. I have never spent money in such a pleasurable manner, I'll be back, many thanks Keith."

Paul Wu Ming, from London (February 2014)

"I've always had a great experience with Corsair's Wares, a hidden treasure with customer service well above and beyond the call of duty, my preference to mainstream Knight specialist shops. Has that little bit more to offer with specific information tried and tested, an honesty and competency that I have not encountered at other outlets, nor have I encountered any outlets that are intrinsically a charitable establishment... Many thanks and keep up the great work... A happy customer.

Just stating a FACT, it's the difference between yourself and the rest, if I want the real deal and downlow on what actually functions practically hitting the nail on the head, no guesswork or assessing or just trying to sell a line of bad goods, just the honest truth; well you are one of the few HEMA specialists to talk to without a doubt. Keep trucking, always a pleasure to purvey your store even when I need not make a purchase, and thank you for the wealth of information you deliver to your customers at will. A pleasure, Mr Farrell."

Paul Wu Ming, from London (February 2014)

"Jacket arrived this morning thank you for your help, an excellent service and I won't hesitate to recommend Corsair's Wares to my friends."

Nigel, from Lincoln (September 2013) (by email)

"Hi, that's great, I'll definitely recommend you to others in my class - it's nice there's such a well informed supplier offering excellent customer service, a seemingly rare occurrence in today's market."

Richard, from London (July 2013) (by email)

"Just made my first order of a pair of glooves with Corsair's Wares and I happily agree with all the above reviews. They answered my emails quickly and gave me loads of advice, and the gloves arrived within a couple of days of ordering. Top customer service! The fact that the gloves make me look like I have Hellboy's hands is an added bonus ;-) "

Richard, from London (July 2013)

"Hi Guys, I can only agree with comments here, Keith's customer service is first class, I cannot recommend Corsair's Wares as anything but excellent. Good work sir."

John Hurwood, from Dragon's Tayle (June 2013)

"I have had similar experiences to Marc with regards to the customer service provided by Corsair's Wares, and in particular Keith. It's because of this service that they have become my preferred provider for HEMA kit.

They're also the first retailer I recommend when asked.

I can't praise them enough."

Martin Wilkinson, from Schola Gladiatoria (June 2013)

"I work in customer service within one of the large telecommunication companies in the UK, and part of my role is dealing with after sales and delivery queries. I like to think I know the difference between someone doing their job and someone who cares about your order, but to be honest, that knowledge and experience is completely unnecessary when discussing Corsair's Wares and the service they provide as the care and dedication is so obviously above par a blind monkey could tell how good it is.

My order was simply for a chest protector, a £25 plus postage order. The order was placed at the end of May, but I didn't hear anything for a few days despite the money leaving my account. At this point I decided to email them to see what was going on.

I got a response a couple of days later to say that they had been at an event and only just got back but would look into my order asap. It turned out I had placed the order on the same day they had left and that they had just recently ran out of stock of the item.

I won't bore you with the details of the following 5 emails I received suffice to say I was kept completely up to date with them ordering stock, receiving stock and sending my order, even though I had told them that I was in no hurry and was happy just to receive it whenever.

It may not seem like a big deal, but I have dealt with some companies who barely seem interested when you are spending hundreds of pounds with them. To get this level of personal interest on a little £25 item was brilliant and very much appreciated.

I will definitely use them again and recommend them highly to others."

Marc, from Dragon's Tayle (June 2013)

"Just a quick note on Corsair's Wares and my new SPES jacket. I left it late having missed the original post but Keith went out of his way to contact his suppliers and wrangle an extra jacket into the order. It was delivered to Fight Camp saving me P&P and I am extremely pleased with it. Good service and a quick turn around."

Gavin, from Schola Gladiatoria (August 2012)

"Just got the SPES Jacket from Corsairs wares, they brought it to fight camp on request, saving me p&p and it was ready when I arrived. I will be ordering additional SPES equipment from them in the future. :-) "

Ty Harris, from Schola Gladiatoria (August 2012)

"I too have found them to be very helpful when trying to source an item that is out of stock elsewhere."

Martin Austwick, from English Martial Arts Academy (May 2012)

"Just a little review to say that having recently bought from Corsair's Wares I am very happy with their speed, helpfullness and customer service. I'd recommend them to anyone.

The product I bought from them was a 'Get Dressed for Battle' pig-faced bascinet by Ulfberth for a little armouring project I am doing (to use as a base - essentially I wanted a cheap bascinet skull that was the right shape and size).

Corsair's Wares got me the size I needed (which was initially out of stock) and sent it to me well packaged and super quick, at an unbeatable price!"

Matt Easton, from Schola Gladiatoria (May 2012)

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